Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Buffalo River Sheds

While driving near Boxley, Arkansas, my uncle and I came
across this view of an open pasture with a couple of old sheds.
I'm always inclined to paint something like this - I have a
good collections of barns, sheds, etc,- but the day was such
good weather and the view so inviting.
It beckoned to be painted.


Assaf Shtilman said...

That's a beautiful picture. You used the colors wonderfully, and it looks alive.

gil adams said...

Thank you Assaf. I appreciate the comments.

PJ said...

You may not remember me, maybe my brother, Mike Condon...
Ran across your site and had to say hello.. Pat "Condon" Johnson, aka PJ.
I am a watercolorist (late bloomer) and have portraits of my hospice patients (I have been a hospice nurse since 1986). I now live in Montana... Mike is in NY *(but you may know that).
Lovely work you do... love the Arkansas paintings especially...

gil adams said...

Yes!! I remember you very well indeed. I haven't heard from Mike in a long time..There's going to be another reunion in Fayetteville this July and I hope he comes. I may try and make it. It's good to hear from you..keep painting! I can see how much you enjoy it..it really shows. Very creative work, to be sure. I'm a little more middle of the road with impressionism but trying to expand a little. Just trying not to be the old guy..
Thanks for dropping me a note. I really appreciate it.