Saturday, August 22, 2009

Rose Garden, Woodward Park, Tulsa

This is an oil 8" x 10" on gessoed mdf board with an orange 
underpainting. I really have to pay attention to keeping
things "loose" but accurate and I'm afraid it got away
from me in a couple of areas. But when I left the garden,
it was 99.9% done. I did add a few of the roses and highlights
on the water after arriving home.
Nice day today. Wish I could do this every day.


Denise R said...

Oh wow! I love this. I love all of your landscapes. I saw this one on WetCanvas and came to your blog from there. I am a painter also and strive to get the looseness of landscapes like this. I used to paint more realistic but am just not interested in all of that detail anymore. Great job and thanks for sharing your work!

Gil Adams said...

Thank you so much Denise. I really appreciate your adding your comment. It's not easy being loose and controlled at the same time but I'm finding out the fewer strokes, the easier. I have a tendency to overwork everything and then it dies. It's so hard to know when to quit. Best to you..