Sunday, June 28, 2009

Gouache Study

This study was painted as preparation for a class
that I'm going to try to teach in Sapulpa, Oklahoma
at the Water Street Gallery, provided we have enough
people sign up for it. It'll be a drawing class
with some gouache thrown in for good measure.
This is a combination of both and it's painted on
a cardboard backing of an old pad of drawing paper.
The opaque water colors have a nice effect on this
kraft brown color but you have to work fast because
the surface absorbs a lot of water and it leaves little
room for blending.


Celeste Vaught said...

I've seen this one in person and think it's just great Gil! Love the combining of pencil & gouache as well as the brown chipboard you've painted on - really pleasing, interesting visual textures achieved. I know your classes will be wonderful!

Gil Adams said...

Thanks, Celeste. Your comments are always
appreciated and you're too kind. I can see
stuff I wish I could change on this but that's not
unusual for me. I'm always beating myself up on
this stuff. Anyway, thanks for checking in!