Sunday, July 6, 2008

Clay Jar With River Rock

This is a quick still life study, 8" x 10" on
a gessoed board. It's in oil as well.
I haven't done many still life paintings
lately and this one felt good while painting.
I experimented with using MDF board
instead of masonite. It's a little rougher
in texture but the material has a great surface.
It's easier to cut than masonite but heavier.
Best for use on small paintings.

1 comment:

Craig & Cindy said...

Really nice, as always! I like the deep colors.

Gil, check out the giraffe I painted on my last blog post. It's not really "impressionism" - I had a hard time reconciling softer less detailed lines with trying to get the animal's characteristics. Although I can say, the giraffe does look better from afar because then you don't notice the sloppy lines we much. :)